Submersible Dewatering Sump Pump

MECHLION MDP series high head submersible sump pumps are designed for commercial and industrial dewatering, groundwater transferring, effluent transferring, and car washing applications. These pumps include a stainless motor housing, and they are designed to provide great heat dissipation from the motor, ensuring a long service life. All pumps are 100% pressure-tested, submerged and run to ensure quality and reliability for years of trouble-free performance. This attention to detail is an inherent feature of every pump in this series, making it one of the most reliable in the industry.

Why Choose the MECHLION Dewatering Pump

  • Corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel shaft, motor shell and fasteners for a long service life
  • Open impeller, centrifugal design to pump soft solids in suspension, less susceptible to blockage and Capable of higher heads/pressure.
  • Double mechanical shaft seal in oil bath with hard faced silicon carbide/ceramic seal on pump side gives Added motor protection and long service life.
  • Sand slinger lip seal offer Added protection and long service life.
  • Automatic resetting thermal overload for Protection against overloading
  • Low velocity inlet strainer fitted for a firm and stable positioning during installation and operation and to restrict pumping of solids which may damage or block the pump.
  • HO7RNF oil resistant leads with bare wire lead ends makes it Easy to connect to power supply terminations and long life in dirty water

Operating Limits & Material Of Construction

  • All models are hermetically sealed to be watertight, dust-tight, and completely submersible
  • Dual mechanical seal designed to prevent leaking problem
  • High efficiency dry type motor for environmental friendly
  • Robust construction for better reliability
  • Hand-carry designed for easy transport
  • Auto reset thermal overload protection for longer motor life


  • Basement water removal
  • Waste water drainage
  • Water transfer
  • Sump /effluent handling
  • Dewatering
  • Fish pond & fountain circulation

Pump Details

Operating Limits & Material Of Construction

Capacities up to 2800   Lpm
Maximum total   head 60m
Maximum submergence 25m
Maximum operating temperature 40°C
Maximum soft solids 12mm
Suitable Fluids: Clean or “grey water” of neutral pH containing up to 10% small   soft solids or 1% fine solids. Some wear should be expected while pumping hard solids in suspension.
Material Of Construction
Model Standard 316SS
Impeller Cast iron 316SS
Pump casing Cast iron 316SS
Outlet Cast iron 316SS
Shaft seal –    pump side
– motor side
Silicon carbide/ceramic
Mechanical seal in captive   oil bath with oil seal
Shaft seal elastomer Nitrile rubber Viton
Pump shaft 304 stainless steel 316SS
Orings Nitrile rubber
Motor shell 304 stainless steel 316SS
Handle 304 stainless steel 316SS
Fasteners 304 stainless steel 316SS
Float & power supply leads HO7RN-F oil resistant

Pump Dimension

Model A B D B.S .P. Weight (kg)
S0040 383 215 148 2″F 10.0
S0075 477 251 190 2″F 24.0
T0150H 440 289 190 2″F 26.0
T0220H 503 313 220 2″F 39.0
T0370H 518 313 220 2″F 45.0
T0550H 639 572 270 3″F 65.0
T0750H 692 572 270 4″F 75.0
T1100 692 647 270 6″F 85.0
T1100H 692 647 270 6″F 85.0
T1500 880 690 310 6″F 167.8
T1850 880 690 310 6″F 175.0
T2200 880 690 310 6″F 183.0

Performance Curves

Technical Specification

Model S0040 S0075 T0150H T0220H T0370H T0SS0H T0750H T1100 T1100H T1500 T1850 T2200
Speed 2 Pole , 2900 rpm 2 Pole , 2900 rpm
Insulation class Class F Class F
IP rating 68 68
Electrical lead HO7RNF x 1Om length HO7RNF x 1Om length
Supply voltage (V) 220-240 380-415 380-415
Phase Single Three Three
Output Power 0.37kW 0.75kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 3.7kW 5.5kW 7.5 KW 11.0 KW 11.0 Kw 15 Kw 18.5 Kw 22 Kw
Full load current 2.6A 5.2A 3.0A 4.4A 7.5A 11A 14.5A 21.7A 21.7A 28.5A 34.5A 43.5A

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