Stainless Steel Horizontal Multistage centrifugal Pump

The Mechlion range of MLH, MLHI pumps are non-self-priming, horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pumps. Pump and motor are integrated in a compact and user-friendly design making the pumps suitable for installation in compact systems. The pump is fitted with a maintenance-free, mechanical shaft seal and through-going pump-motor shaft.

MLH: Complete hydraulics Chambers as well as all moving parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel. Discharge chamber, suction chamber and base plate are made of grey iron and CED coated for rust and corrosion prevention.
MLHI: Discharge chamber, suction chamber, base plate as well as all parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel. The motor is painted non-gloss black.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact and space saving design.
  • Very reliable and robust construction.
  • Highly energy efficient with IE2/IE3 class of motors.
  • Very low noise level.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Easy and minimum maintenance.
  • Suitable for drinking water.


The MHM and MHMI pumps are designed for small domestic and industrial systems.

  • Domestic
  • Liquid transfer and circulation of liquids within light industry and farming.
  • Pressure boosting.
  • Air-conditioning systems.
  • Specialized OEM equipment.

Pump Specifications

Operating Condition

  • Liquid: Clean liquid without solid particles.
  • Liquid temperature range: 0°C ~ +90°C .
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +52°C .
    The maximum operating pressure depends on the temperature of the pumped liquid.

Max. Operating Pressure 10 kg/cm2 6 kg/cm2
MHM(N) 2, MHM(N) 4 0°C to +40°C +41°C to +90°C
MHM 8 , MHM 12 0°C to +55°C +56°C to +90°C

Min.inlet pressure: According to the NPSH curve + a safety margin of 0.5m .
Max. inlet pressure: Limited by the max. operating pressure .

Pipe Connections & Motor Details

The pump is fitted with a totally enclosed, fan-cooled, squirrel-cage motor.

  • Rated speed : 2850 rpm
  • Enclosure class : IP 54
  • Insulation class: F
  • Standard voltages: Single phase : 1 x 220-240 V, Three phase : 3 x 220-240/380-415 V

Connection MHM(I) 2 MHM(I) 4 MHM 8 MHM 12
Suction Port Rp 1 Rp 1 1/4 Rp   1 1/2 Rp 1 1/2
Discharge Port Rp 1 Rp 1 Rp   1 1/4 Rp 1 1/2
Drain hole, Priming Hole Rc 3/8 Rc 3/8 Rp   1/2 Rp 1/2

Material Of construction

No. Description Materials Mechanical Seals MHM(I) 2, 4 MHM 8, 12
1 Suction chamber Cast iron SS304 CQQ Optional Optional
2 Pump head Cast iron SS304 AUU Optional Optional
3 Intermediate chamber SS304 SS304 O-ring
4 Impeller SS304 SS304 E
5 Spacing pipe SS304 SS304 V
6 Shaft SS431 SS431 List of Materials
7 Mechanical seal Silicon carbide /Carbon Q : Silicon carbide E : EPDM
8 O-ring EPDM or Viton EPDM or Viton U : Tungsten carbide V : Viton
9 Drain and priming plug Steel SS304 B : Carbon C : Seal Type
10 Base plate Steel SS304 A : Seal Type

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