All-In-One Integrated VFD Drive Single Pump Booster

The most Versatile and advanced Booster system for your homes

The TRUBOOST is a compact, frequency-controlled booster pump designed for a variety of domestic and light industrial applications. The TRUBOOST Booster ensures great comfort by providing constant pressure regardless of variations in demand. The system maintains constant pressure whilst controlling the pump operation against changing system demand. TRUBOOST is more efficient, more reliable, smarter and saves 30% to 60 % of energy than traditional way of water boosting.

The entire solution is a combined unit consisting of one Horizontal Multistage pump fitted with All-in-One Variable Frequency drive with an easy-to-use LCD display , a five-way fitting and a diaphragm tank. The five-way fitting encompasses a check valve, a pressure transmitter, a pressure gauge and a diaphragm tank connection. When delivered, the entire package is ready to install, & easy to use.

The TRUBOOST booster makes it possible to personalise the water pressure. By the touch of a button the pressure level is increased or decreased as desired.

Pump Features

The Mechlion range of MHM, MHMI pumps are non-self-priming, horizontal, multistage, centrifugal pumps. Pump and motor are integrated in a compact and user-friendly design making the pumps suitable for installation in compact systems. The pump is fitted with a maintenance-free, mechanical shaft seal and through-going pump-motor shaft.

Suction / Discharge
chamber :
Cast Iron
with CED
SS 304
Complete wet hydraulics
Chambers :
SS 304 SS 304

Variable Frequency Drives Feature

The TRUBOOST comprises of next generation all-in-one pump drive, suitable for small single pump constant pressure water supply equipment.

The TRUBOOST booster system has two stage important functioning
Stage 1 : Complete protections against incoming voltage source and then give a protected supply to the Drives making it a safe and reliable operation
Stage 2 : Dedicated smart all-in-one water boosting VFD, which is the heart of the system and works seamlessly, intelligently in maintaining the constant pressure as required by the user.

The drive system is very easy to operate and cost effective with high reliability and low noise. It has built-in complete protections ensuring a trouble free & long lasting reliable system.

Intelligent All-In-One

  • The Drive is Installed directly to motor, no need of control cabinet
  • Pressure boost & stabilization, restarting at power on, water shortage protection, self-recovery
  • One-key pressure setting, rapid parameter view
  • Single phase 220VAC input, easy Application


  • Over current
  • Over voltage
  • Inverter overload protection
  • Motor overload protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Dry run protection
  • Over water pressure protection
  • Output/input phase loss protection

Features & Benefits

Smooth Start & Silent Operation

The TRUBOOST Booster operates quietly, at around 55 decibels, significantly quieter pump currently available in the market.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Once the booster has been connected to the pipework, it is simply a matter of putting the plug into a socket, and the system is operational.

Fully Protected Pump system

The fully protected TRUBOOST has dry run protection, Over current, under voltage, Inverter overload, Motor overload, Overheating ,Output/input phase loss.

Economical & High energy savings

The frequency controller of the TRUBOOST matches the power consumption with the required water output, helping to conserve energy.

Compact & Strong Built

Booster set is built solidly. Pumps complete wetted parts are made from high quality stainless steel AISI304 or AISI316 to ensure the longest life possible.

Smooth Start & Silent in Operation

The TRUBOOST Booster operates quietly, at around 50-55 decibels, significantly quieter pump currently available in the market.

Specification & Operating Conditions

Operating Conditions

  • Flow range                   : 1 – 14 m3/hr
  • Head Range                 : 5 – 55 m
  • Liquid temperature      : 0 °C to +60 °C
  • System pressure           : Max. 10 bar
  • Liquid temperature      : 0 °C to +60 °C
  • Ambient temperature  : Max. +50 °C
  • Medium                       : clean , clear liquid without solid & fibre

Technical Specification

  • Mains voltage                  : 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz
  • Enclosure class                 : IP55
  • Insulation class                 : F
  • Sound pressure level        : < 55 dBa
  • Motor duty                       : S1 Continuous
  • Motor type                       : 3 Phase, TEFC
  • Output Power range (P2) : 0.37 KW – 2.2 KW

System Component Details

Performance & Application

Performance Range

Application & Usage

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