Maintenance of Heat Pumps

Mechlion Pumps has an excellent reputation for best after sales and service and repair of all pumping equipment and its systems.

The fully trained technicians have excellent work ethic along with a fast turnaround time to make sure your pumps and machinery are back into operation as soon as possible.

If you have any pumps or machinery within the pumping industry that needs a service or repair, we would be happy to inspect and report on its condition and guide you in the right direction to ensure that it is back in the operable condition in the quickest possible time.

If you have a question that needs answering, ask us! Our pumping engineers and technicians will give you a quick and economical solution.

Need servicing done onsite? Our service and repair division is able to perform on-site servicing for your convenience.


Servicing should be undertaken by a qualified engineer. It is important that the evaporator matrix is clear of debris as any build up could significantly affect the performance of the heat pump.


VINDSOL Air Source Heat Pumps are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase (excluding consumable items), subject to being serviced annually and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This warranty can also be extended to 3 years for an additional fee. See the VINDSOL Installation manual for further details. On completion of the installation all VINDSOL Air Source Heat Pumps must be commissioned and the guarantee registration form returned to Vindsol India.

After sales service

For peace of mind, all VINDSOL Air Source Heat Pumps are backed by VINDSOL’scomprehensive service operation and in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, your installer should telephone our Customer Service number

Why do I need to service / maintain my Heat Pump ?

You service your car, why not your heat pump?

Once your new pump is installed it is important to keep it running at optimal performance.

To ease it out, you shall opt for our service department staffed with expert technicians who handle your service and yearly maintenance calls. Ask about our Annual Maintenance Program to ensure optimal efficiency and operation of your pump.

With proper maintenance, the life of the pumps can be extended to up to much more years. They do require regular maintenance: once a year, you should check certain details of the pump and the system , and shall have the professional installer needs to have the system a look every year once the warranty period is over. After the check-up, the installer should leave written details of the system’s condition and any indications for possible future issues.

How do you know that you have to contact Vindsol team for your heating issues? What are the indicators?

  • Do you see or feel any abnormalities in the system operation?
  • Is your indoor or outdoor unit too noisy when compared to the time of installation?
  • Does your system run all the time?
  • Do you feel that the system has aged and is time for upgradation?
  • Is your unit’s warranty expired?

Are you thinking of Technological upgradation?

  • Do you have a solar system and you want to reduce the electricity bill because of the electrical backup in solar system?
  • Do you have a solar/oil fired/gas fired existing system and want to upgrade to latest technological system supporting greener environment?


To request service, please call our MECHLION service team on :+91 90080 56699

You do not have your pumps supplied by Mechlion ?

No problem, we’ll take car e of it ! We will have a site visit / photo and support you from the overall system point of view by service feasibility study, servicing or alternative solutions to benefit you on long term.

Mechlion periodically offers technical training courses for the staff of its own network and customers, in addition to organising high-level seminars led by qualified instructors, aimed at examining specific issues and proposing innovative solutions for high efficiency pumping.

With the experience gained in integrated water cycle management, Mechlion offers its knowledge to enable optimal management of the product and its main applications. The availability of equipment and demonstration areas dedicated to the simulation of working conditions allow participants to achieve a high degree of competence, through practical exercises regarding selection, operation, maintenance and repair of the pumps.

The courses are scheduled based on demand to achieve a sufficient number of participants, in order to optimise time and resources, and are held at the Mechlion service Centre, dedicated to training and equipped with the most educational tools.

In-House or On-Site

Our team uses quality components for all repairs; it is a part of our reputation. Our fitters can conduct repairs in our workshop or on-site.


When a pump is sent to us for repair, it is booked in and given a job number. It is then scheduled for inspection by one of our highly-trained service personnel.


At the inspection stage, the service fitter responsible for the pump is able to ascertain if it is appropriate to be repaired. If it is beyond repair, the customer is advised and a replacement pump is offered.


Once approval has been received from the customer, the pump is repaired and the customer is notified. We test the pumps we repair to ensure that they are in proper working order when it is returned to the customer. Only Specially Qualified Tradesmen will be Repairing Your Pumps.

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